Wednesday, December 4, 2013

20 days till Christmas.

        20 days till Christmas. I got all of our family's Christmas shopping done. Just have to get some Santa gifts and cards for my gift cards I got then done. I finally last night wrapped all the kids Christmas presents so I got that done. Now to just sit around and wait for Christmas to arrive! How much do you have done?

Lydia and Mason got advent calendars for the first time from their Grandma.

The kids in their matching Christmas pjs admiring the tree.

26 weeks pregnant.

I went to my check up and I am measuring good and heart rate was great! I have to take it easy (whatever that means) until my next appointment so I don't thin out. I have been having some pains. Next time I go and from now on I get ultra-sounds to check my uterus. If I get thinned out like I did with Mason I have to go on bed rest. Right now I am struggling with getting people to help me out with this. So far no luck. So hopefully I can figure out ways on  my own to take it  easy. I go every two weeks and next visit I do the gross glucose screening and hopefully this time I pass it! Other than that everything is on track. 97 days to go


  1. Oh, Brittany, I hope everything will be OK without a bed rest! Such a cute picture with the tree!