Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Meeting Santa Clause and My sweet Lily.

         This weekend was a lazy one. We had my husband's company Christmas party. They never disappoint Santa was there they give out amazing gifts. Plus a magic show and food! Lydia for 3rd year in a roll got something that we was going to get her. Mason got a cool gift as well. Lydia couldn't wait to see Santa that's all she talked about. On the car ride there she kept coughing which made me think she was getting sick. She has got car sick a million times so nothing new there. But nothing happened then we walked in the place and she threw up everywhere! I was like ahhh! So we cleaned her up and she didn't want to have anything to do with Santa. Mason however would not leave Santa alone and wanted to be inside the magic show that was going on. He started flipping out and basically we was there for 30 minutes if that. So Maybe next year with 3 kids will have better luck with all three kids with Santa! haha. Then the kids headed to their grandparents for the weekend and then on Monday headed to my parents house while I went to the doctor. My husband and I had dinner then got some stocking stuffers and just slept! Over all a good weekend. Here are some pictures from the weekend. 

They Both looked so cute. I didn't get a good picture of Mason but he had a red tie and little blazer. Lydia looked like a doll baby. She also got her Doc Mcstuffins Doctor's kit. 

27 weeks & 5 days pregnant, 86 days to go 

 My appointment went great. I don't know if I passed my Glucose test or not. But my Cervix is at a 3 they don't want it lower than 2 so I am doing great. The pain I have is normal painful but normal. Round ligament pain nothing you can do but stick it out. Which is fine with me!I got some great 4d pictures of her! I can't wait to hold her and kiss her little sweet face. It's amazing what you can see with 4d scans . I mean you don't even need to wait till their birth you just see what they look like. It's weird but awesome. She looks like Lydia but with my chin. 86 more days to go. My nausea is back , heartburn the worse. My breathing situation has got better. Tired all the time of course! But other than that I am glad I am still trucking along.

My sweet Lily!

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  1. Awww, beautiful pictures! Lydia is charming, and Lily is sooo cute. Mason is very brave - enjoying talking to Santa.