Tuesday, April 8, 2014

One Month Down!

Well Lily is little over a month now!

 Woohoo I have kept her alive with my breast milk and less than 10 bottles of formula a week. So I am feeling good! She is smiling at me and can hold her head up pretty good sometimes. I am a proud mama! I am having trouble getting Lydia into pre-school and Mason learning new words. But all in good time in will work it's self out. I am learning to let go of more and more things. I've been having trouble with getting frustrated and feeling like a horrible mother at times. I have a lot on my plate and sometimes my husband doesn't know how to help. But running a household isn't easy and sometimes I wish people would stop treating me like "oh I wish I could have your job". Its not as easy as it looks. But I am grateful and I love it but sometimes you just need a break! I am not finding any break in sight. I also had a stomach flu and had a tough time with it. But I am getting into the swing of things. Learning when I need to do certain things. I am going to start cooking more for the kids. I am going to start doing more activities with them. It's on my to-do list. For now I am just breathing and learning! 

New Things! 
sissy got a new big girl car seat!

These cups I got from Target are amazing! So far no spills!


Has been wonderful this go around. Never had a latch on problem. Sore nipples I use Medela tender care nipple cream. I've been drinking lots of water and eating oat meal! I hardly ever get to pump but that's a good thing! Only downside no sleep my husband cant help me and emotionally  draining! I have milk supply on my mind 24/7 . I recently read a great piece on dads and breastfeeding check it out here Dad's breastfeeding campaign.  I have been supplementing but less than 1o bottles a week if that. 

I use this formula for when I need to supplement. I got it in the mail. Lily will only drink this over my breast milk. Target is the only place I have found it . She was pooping a lot. But now it's down to once or twice(maybe more) a week. Which I read was normal. I enjoy it and recommend every mommy to do it even if its for a week.

Amazon Mom!

Have you heard of this! I am a big fan of amazon prime! But amazon mom amazing

Recent order I just got. All of this for 38.61. Its cheaper than that with Subscribe and Save on amazon you get it even cheaper. I love it! 

Spring time!

 You took your time but you are coming in slowly. We are loving it! Here are some pictures of us enjoying the nice warm weather rolling in. No crafts as of it for Easter time. Watching Hop and Frozen has taken over our house. Lily first gift Holiday so I am excited about that. Everything is falling into place and our routine is setting in. One month check ups coming up. What can I say I love my family and life. It's hard sometimes I could scream.But it's only sometimes. Like everything in life hopefully for you the good out weighs the bad. For every throwing fits there is a smile and laugh. For every up late crying for a new diaper and feeding there is a smile for the first time. For every argument between your spouse there is a hug , kiss and laugh. Cherish every moment if its good or bad. 

sword play!

Perfect timing! Raawaahh!

Enjoying the warmth. 

Have a Laugh on me!

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