Monday, May 5, 2014

Lily is 2 months old.


            Happy 2 months pretty girl! What a joy she is. Laughing , Smiling and holding her head up good. She has found her hands . Hardly ever cries unless she needs something then it's only a grunt. She is just amazing! Breastfeeding is going good. Still have the one bottle sometime in the day. I have tried mother's milk tea. Non-alcoholic beer (for the brewers yeast) oatmeal. I drink 64 0z of water. Seems to not matter what I do I still have to give her that one bottle. Which isn't a bad thing but it still sucks. But I am thankful I have been able to breastfeed for this long! We are working on tummy time which she isn't a fan of unless I lay her on my legs tummy down. She loves the play mat and her monkey blanket. She copies her dad and me when we go oh oh oh. She is so funny. I just can't say enough about her! So I will stop there. 

                                 I haven't been blogging as much as I should be but man 3 kids eh? I have been making all there lunches and helping Lydia with her site words. Potty training Mason and helping with his speech. Keeping the bills and house in order. Taking care of Lily. So really no time for myself right now. So whenever I find a little space in one day I try to fit in the time to catch you up on the family. We have been doing a lot of adventuring out into our beautiful state of Kentucky since it's so nice outside. Here are some pictures of the places we have been so far. 

Mason at Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace.

Lydia and Mason at Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace.

Me and the girls at the Patton Museum

Daddy , Lydia and Mason . Patton Museum.

We have been having a lot of fun with the kiddos. Mason isn't into it so much because he wants to go go go. Lydia loves it! We have much more places planned to visit. July we are headed to Alabama to visit with my husbands side of the family. Which I am super excited about! I am loving this weather! We picked up the kids a pool and we are awaiting on some warmer weather. We are also buying summer passes to a theme park that has been closed for 10 years or more Kentucky Kingdom! Anything you have planned for the summer?

The 140 kentucky Derby was this weekend. Here is Lily in her Derby hat.

Easter also happened! My kids looked straight up like some people from the great gatsby.

                                                            Have a Laugh on Me.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

One Month Down!

Well Lily is little over a month now!

 Woohoo I have kept her alive with my breast milk and less than 10 bottles of formula a week. So I am feeling good! She is smiling at me and can hold her head up pretty good sometimes. I am a proud mama! I am having trouble getting Lydia into pre-school and Mason learning new words. But all in good time in will work it's self out. I am learning to let go of more and more things. I've been having trouble with getting frustrated and feeling like a horrible mother at times. I have a lot on my plate and sometimes my husband doesn't know how to help. But running a household isn't easy and sometimes I wish people would stop treating me like "oh I wish I could have your job". Its not as easy as it looks. But I am grateful and I love it but sometimes you just need a break! I am not finding any break in sight. I also had a stomach flu and had a tough time with it. But I am getting into the swing of things. Learning when I need to do certain things. I am going to start cooking more for the kids. I am going to start doing more activities with them. It's on my to-do list. For now I am just breathing and learning! 

New Things! 
sissy got a new big girl car seat!

These cups I got from Target are amazing! So far no spills!


Has been wonderful this go around. Never had a latch on problem. Sore nipples I use Medela tender care nipple cream. I've been drinking lots of water and eating oat meal! I hardly ever get to pump but that's a good thing! Only downside no sleep my husband cant help me and emotionally  draining! I have milk supply on my mind 24/7 . I recently read a great piece on dads and breastfeeding check it out here Dad's breastfeeding campaign.  I have been supplementing but less than 1o bottles a week if that. 

I use this formula for when I need to supplement. I got it in the mail. Lily will only drink this over my breast milk. Target is the only place I have found it . She was pooping a lot. But now it's down to once or twice(maybe more) a week. Which I read was normal. I enjoy it and recommend every mommy to do it even if its for a week.

Amazon Mom!

Have you heard of this! I am a big fan of amazon prime! But amazon mom amazing

Recent order I just got. All of this for 38.61. Its cheaper than that with Subscribe and Save on amazon you get it even cheaper. I love it! 

Spring time!

 You took your time but you are coming in slowly. We are loving it! Here are some pictures of us enjoying the nice warm weather rolling in. No crafts as of it for Easter time. Watching Hop and Frozen has taken over our house. Lily first gift Holiday so I am excited about that. Everything is falling into place and our routine is setting in. One month check ups coming up. What can I say I love my family and life. It's hard sometimes I could scream.But it's only sometimes. Like everything in life hopefully for you the good out weighs the bad. For every throwing fits there is a smile and laugh. For every up late crying for a new diaper and feeding there is a smile for the first time. For every argument between your spouse there is a hug , kiss and laugh. Cherish every moment if its good or bad. 

sword play!

Perfect timing! Raawaahh!

Enjoying the warmth. 

Have a Laugh on me!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

At Home With two toddlers and a newborn.

Whew I have almost made it on my own for a month! I am so proud of myself haha. It has been crazy! Not as hard as I thought just crazy moments. More good than bad. I have had my post-op appointment. I had a reaction to my Steri-Strips. That has not been fun at all. The care of my incision is taking longer that it has in the past.Little trick I have used also to keep my incision dry because of the dreaded flap. Use a folded up breast pad to keep it dry.  I got put on birth control for the first time in my life. I got the depo-shot because it went well with me breast feeding and I will not have to remind myself to take it all the time. But geez my arm three days later is still killing me! Lily went to her kosair appointment no murmur but she has something called PFO. It's normal in her age at one year we have to go get it checked again. I don't even notice her little hand anymore nor do I let it bother me anymore. She is going to be just fine. My daughter saw it and asked why does Lily have 3 hands? I said you mean fingers? So she counted them and asked why again. I said because she was just born like that. That's all that has ever been said. I believe Lily was put into our lives with this "condition" because we will love her and all of her family will no matter what! We have the capability to take of her anyway possible emotionally and financially. Not many families or kids can say this. She is almost one month and my breast milk and a occasional formula has kept her alive. I am so lucky my friend has let me use her breast pump. That is whenever I get a chance which is not that often seeing how she is always latched on. I am doing way better than I have in the past. This child has no problem latching on. I do have to say I am so tired with breast feeding, my incision care. bills, remembering everything!! I have hit my wall today.  Breast feeding didn't go as well last night. I am worried about Lydia learning the things she needs to learn to start school this year. Mason still isn't talking as well as he should be. Keeping the house cleaned. Keeping on top of bills , doctors appointments, money. Making sure Lily is getting everything she needs. I worry about all the lunchable and quick snacks I am giving the kids. I use to hand make everything for them. Now it's whats easy and quick. Making sure I am doing everything I can to supply more breast milk. Remembering to eat and drink lots of water hasn't been so easy. Saying I am overwhelmed at the moment I feel is a understatement. Just breath I keep telling myself. Like I said before more good moments than bad. I am trying to find the time to catch up on a show or spend one on one time with one of the babies. Of course trying to find some time with my husband. There has been a lot of couch sleeping and kids in our bed. It's been hard. But I do not want to complain! We are very lucky folks! 

New born things. I can't live without this go around. 

When I get the chance instead of bleach I plan on using this for toy cleaning. But for bottle use and pacifier cleaning it's great!

The vibration mode Lily is in love with this and so am I. I am so glad some friends of mine talked me into getting this fisher price bassinet. It's easy to fold and take with us. It's so cute and just great. Fits perfectly beside our bed. Rocks well. I just love it!

I got this starter kit from my parents and I love these bottles and all the extras that came with it! Lily also drinks well out of these.

I got these from my sister she raved about them so she got me some. They are great these and the advent bottles are the only bottles Lily will drink out of .   

I have learned to live without a lot of things this go around. But these new things I have tried are great. Of course my moby wrap which I use besides a stroller it's so much easier and nicer to have about. 

 We have been trying to get out of the house when we can with the kids. To let them know they are special to. Its been hard since they have both been acting out jealously every once in awhile. Our son has been the worse. But I am sure when Lily gets up and goes with them they will not care anymore.

My beautiful Lily.

Future Hilltopper!

She finally held her sister and didn't want to let go after.

So this is love.

My girls.

Having three kids is everything and more than I thought it would be. Do I want more? I think we will stop right here.I love my girls and I love my boy. I love my family and I wouldn't change any of it for the world. I love being a mom at the worse times and the best of times. It is the best job in the world. I know I was put on this earth to be these kids mommy and to be a wife to my husband. I love painting and there is this whole other side to me. But it doesn't come close to being a mom. I love my life and everything that goes with it. Being overwhelmed and not having myself together. Bills, money problems. All of that stuff only last a little bit. My babies being babies and toddlers only last for a little bit. So I am enjoying it all because one day they won't need me to kiss their booboos or rock them. But right now they do. So right now I am living for right now.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Introducing Lily Edith

Just like all of my babies no date can be set for them to show up. I was scheduled for Friday she came Tuesday. I was having bad contractions so we went in and yep she was ready for us! 
Totally fine with that. The spinal I had hurt like crazy! But surgery went great. I cried like a little baby. I saw my husband fall in love all over again! My family all made it there in time. It was just amazing! She was big to 8 pounds 5 ozs. The doctor came in before she brought Lily in to tell me that 2 of her fingers were missing. My heart sank to the floor! So they brought her to me and I looked. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was. She has her thumb , pointer and middle finger. Which is amazing because she can do everything anyone else can! I have gotten upset about it a couple of times. Not for her because I know she is going to be just fine. I worry about how the world will treat her. But if she is any child of mine she won't even care. Other than that and we have to take her to kosair to get her heart looked at. She is beautiful and the best baby ever! I am so in love. My other kids have been great to. They love their sissy! Here are so pictures. 

Cute Scrubs we got off of amazon. She didn't get to wear them at the hospital but they are still cute!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

One More Week...

One More week till I get to see this Little girl! Everything is put up. Waiting for a few more things to pick up and gifts to get . We are ready for you little baby! I am nervous! I have been going insane with cleaning. But I have settled down a little. I am 2cm dilated I thought my water had broke a little but it wasn't so that's always good. I think we are ago for the 7th!

New Car. New Baby Coming.
We got our new car! Mazda 5 is perfect for our family of 5. Just in time to!

Have a Laugh On Me.
True story!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm 27 Now And 37 Weeks Pregnant.


                                       16 days till Lily.


 Today is my birthday. My Husband gave me his cold. I had to skip my 37 week appointment. My mom just got out of the hospital so we didn't meet up with my family. Since I was sick we didn't meet up with anyone for dinner. 37 weeks pregnant I am over a lot of things. 2 more weeks!!!! I let my daughter take pregnant pictures of me today and she loved it! I am stressed out to the max and worried. Feeling a lot right now. But I am trying to breath and be thankful for a lot right now. We haven't found a car yet but Saturday we are headed back out to look again ! Here are some pictures of some fun things from today and more..

   I love the pictures and she looked so cute taking the pictures. Great Memory!

Lydia and Mason's Kitchen. 
I am so glad the kids like these peanut butter apple sandwiches! Super easy and healthy!

Thanks to my friend Elaine at Sadie Bug of course for making this car seat cover. I love it!

Finally thanks to my mother in law for lifting my spirits and getting me a cake and balloons. Made it actually feel like my birthday!